Use PPT Advertising to Promote your Product Easily

Published: 24th September 2009
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Advertising is always considered as an important part of product promotion. But advertising usually costs a lot, so how to get the greatest return while with the minimum input? Get rid of the shackles of advertising agencies, you can now make in-house advertising video or DVD with your own effort easily, that is, creating video or DVD product advertisement based on PowerPoint - PPT advertising.

Before starting to introduce how to prepare PowerPoint advertising in a few steps, here I would like to list some main benefits of PPT advertising:

1. Creating video or DVD advertisement with PowerPoint helps store owners or companies save big budget compared asking video production agencies to do this.

2. PPT advertising enables users to form the content of the advertisement freely. Product pictures, descriptions, promotion details, and relevant video clips can be listed in a sequence in PPT according to the purpose of the advertisement.

3. The carefully designed PPT advertisement can be displayed on TV through DVD players or on digital signage.

4. You can easily change the promotion information only by updating the relevant product information and PowerPoint template. And then with a RW DVD disc, another video or DVD PPT ad will come out.

5. Grow your business with no weekly or monthly fees to update your promotion advertising DVD/video periodically.

Now that so many advantages we can take from PPT advertising, let's see how to create a promotional advertisement with PowerPoint right away. Here I take an ice scream promotion for example.

Step 1: Choose a proper PowerPoint template for your PPT advertisement

Make sure it can reflex what you do. Here you can find many delicate free PowerPoint templates from Wondershare.

Step 2: Show what you want to display to customers in the PowerPoint

You can add various elements in PPT advertisement, such as pictures, words, animations, voices, and even videos. Here is a screenshot of what I display about the different taste of ice creams.

Step 3: Add information that may attract your customer

If there is any discount information that can attract your customer, do add this to your PPT advertising.

Step 4: Check your PPT advertising and make it more delicate

Carefully check your PowerPoint advertisement after you finish doing it. Make changes to it if necessary. For more pleasant visual effect, you can reference the PowerPoint operating skills here.

Step 5: Burn the PowerPoint advertisement onto DVD discs or convert it to video

By doing this, you can display your PPT advertisement on TV or through electronic panels in your store or company. To realize this, you can try this PowerPoint to DVD burner and PowerPoint to Video converter. Here is the complete sample about promotion created by me after being uploaded to YouTube:*****

To make your PPT advertising more professional, here are some other aspects you should pay attention to:

Know what is the primary purpose of your PPT advertisement

Show what unique benefits can you offer customers, and at whom you are aiming this PowerPoint ad

Know what response you want to get from your audienceWith the tips above and your delicate design, I believe, your first PPT advertising would be perfect and rewarding. Save your money, and use your talent to boom your sales with PPT advertising now.

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